Handmade Homes- 5 Beautiful Accessories for You to Make

People can spend extortionate amounts of time searching for the perfect accessories for their homes. It’s one time you really don’t want to settle for an ‘it will do’ item, something slightly of colour, or not quite the right size or style. Accessories like cushions, rugs and throws can make or break a home by either making them a cosy haven or quite the opposite looking cluttered and mismatched.

Years ago, making your own furnishing would have been the most common way to decorate your home, now we run to shops before we even consider it. Homemade accessories can give you home a very cosy fell and gives you a real sense of satisfaction when you know you did it all yourself. If that’s not enough, it costs you a fraction of the price too, by getting your creative hands on some cheap fabric you can create almost anything your heart desires!

Possibly the most common things to make would be cushion covers or a cute little throw for your bed or sofa but when it comes to thinking of something different to make all your friends jealous and asking where you got it from, what exactly can you make?


Here’s a few of our favourites:


  • Door stops

One of the favourites, especially in winter to stop cold air travelling under the door. Door stops gives your home such a cosy feeling and so easy to make.

What do you need

-Fabric of your choice, could be more than one style to create a patchwork effect.

-Rice/sand or anything you prefer to weight the material down.

-Thread to stitch everything together.

  • Fabric decoupage letters

Many people use little letters spelling out words such as ‘LOVE’ or ‘HOME’ on things such as sets of drawers or fireplaces. Often just plain letters personalise these by using pretty patterned fabrics wrapped around each letter.

What you need

-Fabric, again you can use the same of you could choose different fabrics that follow the same colour scheme.

-Strong glue to stick fabric to letters.

  • Memory boxes

Memory boxes are very popular for people that may have children or maybe a passed relative, they can contain photos or other sentimental objects like jewellery that you want to keep safe.

Covering a plain little box with fabric can turn an ordinary memory box into something a little bit special.

What do you need

-Box of your chosen size.

-Fabric, measured out to ensure it will cover entire box.

-Glue to attach fabric to box.

  • Old suitcase for storage or pet bed

Have an old hard/plastic suitcase? Don’t throw it away. Covering the suitcase in a pretty fabric can create beautiful storage space for your home. Place it at the end of your bed maybe, the choice is yours. *note- if you are extra creative and have pets you can even create cute beds for your furry friends by putting a cushion inside the suitcase*

What do you need

-Old plastic suitcase (you can either remove the lid or keep it. We recommend removing if creating a bed for your pet).

-Fabric to cover.

-Glue to stick fabric to case.

-Cushion if you are creating a bed.

  • Hanging scented hearts

Nothing is more relaxing than the smell of lavender drifting round your home. Creating little fabric hearts filled with a lavender scent to hang round your home are simply stunning.

What you need

-Fabric of your choice.

-Thread to stitch fabric together.

-Dried lavender (can be bought online).

-Rope to Create little handle to hang up.

If any of these caught your attention find a tutorial online and get making!

Be part of the great fireplace revival

 Fireplaces were perhaps once seen as   a thing of the past – a feature of old interiors lacking relevance to the modern day. Well, that is certainly no longer the case, as set to be big this 2016 are feature fireplaces! They can make a powerful addition to any room whether you are looking for a thing of beauty or a source of heat. They are a multi-purpose and often majestic installation, and here are some interesting reasons why having a fireplace fitted could significantly boost your home this year:

Why fireplaces are so hot… in more ways than one!

  • A celebrity feature – many famous faces are opting for feature fireplaces in their homes, especially because there have been so many on the TV and across the media recently. Take the inspiration of period dramas, for example, such as Downtown Abbey and War  and Peace, which showed fine fireplaces galore
  • A great source of heat – having a fireplace can bring an alternate source of warmth into a home; particularly ideal for keeping cosy around. Whether you live alone or as part of family, the heat of fireplace offers a great communal space too!
  • An attractive appearance – fireplaces can have a number of aesthetic features which make them especially stunning in your home. Designs area available which incorporate materials as diverse as metal and glass along with tiles and trimmings. You really can get an installation which suits your style preferences

Ready to help you

Victorian fireplaces London

If you are looking for a feature fireplace to enhance your home, then Stonewoods may be able to help you. They are experts in the provision of Victorian fireplaces in London, as well as wide range of other designs, including reproductions. For more information you can visit their website: www.stonewoods.co.uk

Plan for your move for in the New Year…. and make it the fastest ever!

A New Year signals a great chance for new beginnings – so if you are in a position where you’re ready to move, making plans for early in January is a wise choice. Some people might worry that it is too soon after Christmas, and that they may not have the funds they need. Yet an important thing to remember is that the beginning of any year tends to be the cheapest time, with post-Christmas sales and many businesses eager to take on new customers and start the year in good stead.

removals in London

Why moving early in the year is a top option

1)      You can look forward to summer – the months of January and February especially are typically associated with cold and unpleasant weather, so you can use this time to concentrate on moving, rather than compromising your time in the summer!

2)      A post-Christmas de-clutter- the bustle of Christmas provides an opportunity for you to see your belongings on display and then de-clutter them accordingly. You may be able to utilise some gifts you have received into the decoration of your new home; therefore saving money

3)      Workplace inspiration – a number of offices also choose to relocate in the New Year. It allows for fresh beginnings and gives workers the opportunity to start from scratch in assembling something positive

Here for you

Therefore, it could be seen that there is plenty of opportunity to make a move sooner rather than later.

Some hidden gems you can visit in London!

With London being such a big and bustling capital city, it can seem that everywhere is over-attended and most definitely busy! There are so many things to see and do – which typically involve following the tourist trails and what quickly becomes a space of ‘seeing the sights’. Yet all it takes is perhaps a little step off the beaten track and some inside-knowledge to discover some less-frequented places in the city which still have the power to amaze.

Take inspiration from some of our suggestions and perhaps find a hideaway to bring a bit of breathing-space! Whether you are curious student, adventurous visitor or commuter looking for a bit of something different, there is plenty to choose from:

1)      Wilton’s Music Hall – located in Tower Hamlets, this is a traditional Victorian music hall which has been recently restored to how it would have looked in the grand old days. It boasts a beautiful Mahogany Bar where you can sit and drink in relative peace, and there are options to explore the venue too!

2)      Postman’s Park – not far from the site of the old General Post Office, the park acquired its name because it was a popular lunch venue for workers there. You can find the Watts memorial located the and it is notable as a setting in the 2004 Closer, starring Jude Law

3)      Little Venice – not far from Camden and Regents Park, this area of London boasts beautiful little waterside eating-houses and shops along the water

4)      The house of Dennis Severs – it is here visitors can completely immerse themselves in a 18th century London home, left completely as it would have been at the time – including uneaten food still there and beds unmade

The above are just some of the more secretive spaces you can check out in London. Another example of a provider of secret spaces is Removals London – why? Because they are offering exclusive storage London space for your belongings on the city too: whether you are visiting or moving! Make a ‘hidden gem’ of our items, by ensuring they are safe and most efficiently arranged. For more information you can visit their website.

Time to get planning for your Christmas crafts!

Now summer is over, thoughts are turning to planning for Christmas! It may seem premature, but if you are looking for the ultimate gift solution and project all in one, then taking up crafting is a great prospect.

Sew your own!

Every year people seek to decorate their house and show their affection to others through trinkets and gifts. Commonly-bought items include decorations to hang around the home, novelty jumpers and tree decorations. Yet rather than be part of rush and push of buying these items – there is a creative solution – make them!

Christmas crafts are set to be big this year – especially because of the previous popularity of The Great British Sewing Bee and also Kirstie Allsopp’s crafting programmes and books. With some good Christmas fabric and a determination to make something great, you can be well on the way!  There are many instructional videos on YouTube and online which may inspire you to make a particular product. They are also a great source of teaching you technique in an easy-to-understand way.

Some ideas to get you going

Christmas fabric

But if you are super-keen, why not consider planning one of these following projects? After all, taking up a crafting creation for Christmas provides an ideal method to occupy those darkening nights:

  • Sew your own stockings – you can use decorative fabric for the sock, and then perhaps embellish with sequins for a great novelty effect. These will look brilliant and traditional when assembled on a fireplace or near the Christmas tree
  • Christmas teddy bear – there are many templates and even beginner kits available for making a basic teddy bear. Then you can carry on the festive spirit and sew on some seasonal extras, such as a holly necklace, for example


Package Your Products with a Shrink Wrapping Machine!

When it comes to packaging, there are few materials more versatile and affordable than shrink wrap. This material can wrap all manner of products, and it might just be the packaging material for your company’s goods!

The Benefits of Shrink Wrapping

shrink wrap

The benefits of shrink wrap are plentiful. It can cover boats, vegetables, boxes, DVD cases, picture frames and it covers them with as little excess material as possible! It’s fully recyclable too, meaning the environment isn’t going to suffer once the shrink wrapping material is no longer required.

It’s a versatile cost efficient material, and while packaging can be outsourced, it is often better to do it all in house to speed up the process, and save on costs. Though to achieve this, a high quality machine to print the wrap is needed.

There are numerous types of shrink wrapping machines available, and it pays to research thoroughly what machine will be right for your business. Choosing a company with specialises in the machines can be a big help too, with them being able to recommend exactly what’s needed.

Get your office all sorted this summer

With the better weather and brighter skies, people deserve to enjoy their days – both outside and inside.  Many job roles are based in offices, and there has been a growing popularity over recent years to integrate positivity into the working environment. You may anticipate that it can be difficult to get that summer vibe whilst sitting at a desk, filling out paperwork or typing. Yet with the right furnishings, a productive atmosphere really can be a prospect! And this is not just in relation to summer, but a long-term solution.

Fix your furniture

designer office furniture

Ultimately, having the right office furniture is not just a summer phase, it is a necessity. Furniture is not only essential to the function of an office and can serve a number of functions, but also ensures staff safety and support. Furthermore, furnishings are often the first thing people see on entering a working environment – and this can really count when appealing to clients. Having quality designer furniture can make a key first impression and emphasizes that you care about your staff and workspace.  You can impress with designer office furniture for sure!

Why making a selection this summer is ideal

  • Make the most of offers and exclusive stock – with new designs often being issued in the summer period
  • Celebrate your space – you can make a versatile choice in furnishing which not only adds to the summer mood, but is effective in winter too. Factors such as durability, comfort and style are key
  • The longer days and lighter nights make an ideal opportunity to assemble and arrange an office
  • The right structure – with fully-supportive chairs and desks employees can embrace their space

Why do I need a removal service?

Summer is popular time of year for moving – whether that is transferring home or property space. After all, things can look and feel so much better in the lighter, longer days, and therefore many people take the opportunity to make a meaningful transition. When you relocate, of course you deserve to feel the optimism. Whether domestic or office, a new space offers prospect and opportunity for a fresh start.

However, not just for a fresh start but the BEST start, it is important that you seek the right support when you move. Year on year, a number of people attempt to move house alone or without professional services, often resulting in them feeling too exhausted to properly enjoy their new property on arrival. Furthermore, packing and lifting heavy equipment can place a strain on the individual; the last thing many people want when they are already busy.

Help for you and a smooth move

man and van London

However, if you are in the capital and seek a man and van service, you can be assured of a wise decision. Professional moving companies in the capital can offer their expertise of working in busy environments, to help you pack, transport and unload all your belongings. A smooth move is possible – consider man and van London experts.

  • A personal, friendly and interactive service
  • They take the weight – experienced members of the team will help you load and unload your belongings from a specially designed vehicle which is perfectly sized for the task
  • In safe hands – the best companies will treat your belongings with the utmost care and respect

Stone is the way to go this season

Summer is certainly here, with rising temperatures and light nights meaning all-the-more opportunity to spend time outdoors. This may cause you to think more about your garden space. Is it versatile? Is it is as easy to maintain as it could be?  After all, you deserve a garden – large or small – which has strong visual impact and is composed of quality.

However, many people dread the prospect of a large lawn. Especially when it is summer, a grassed space requires moving and maintenance which can be time consuming.  A lawn also can cause mess due to dirt and grass stains. Yet 2015 has seen garden landscaping move significantly in the direction of stone solutions – both to add versatility to gardens with a lawn, and in some cases, replace the grass all together.

Natural stone paving looks great

Natural stone paving

When you opt for stone paving, you can add elegance and distinct charm to an outdoor space. Stone allows a firm foundation for other garden equipment, such as for putting up benches and lining with pots.

Furthermore, it can be incorporated into a variety of designs which can add diversity to your outdoor space. This may include a patio, stone steps or even walls and ledges. Not only does stone look good, but it can add value to your house – as gardens incorporating stone are so very popular right now.

Consider your options:

  • Sandstone – brings a beautiful buff colour and attractive, non-slip surface
  • Limestone – a classically stunning stone, available in a variety of shades
  • Yorkstone – a locally-obtained British stone, known for its quality and versatility