Some hidden gems you can visit in London!

With London being such a big and bustling capital city, it can seem that everywhere is over-attended and most definitely busy! There are so many things to see and do – which typically involve following the tourist trails and what quickly becomes a space of ‘seeing the sights’. Yet all it takes is perhaps a little step off the beaten track and some inside-knowledge to discover some less-frequented places in the city which still have the power to amaze.

Take inspiration from some of our suggestions and perhaps find a hideaway to bring a bit of breathing-space! Whether you are curious student, adventurous visitor or commuter looking for a bit of something different, there is plenty to choose from:

1)      Wilton’s Music Hall – located in Tower Hamlets, this is a traditional Victorian music hall which has been recently restored to how it would have looked in the grand old days. It boasts a beautiful Mahogany Bar where you can sit and drink in relative peace, and there are options to explore the venue too!

2)      Postman’s Park – not far from the site of the old General Post Office, the park acquired its name because it was a popular lunch venue for workers there. You can find the Watts memorial located the and it is notable as a setting in the 2004 Closer, starring Jude Law

3)      Little Venice – not far from Camden and Regents Park, this area of London boasts beautiful little waterside eating-houses and shops along the water

4)      The house of Dennis Severs – it is here visitors can completely immerse themselves in a 18th century London home, left completely as it would have been at the time – including uneaten food still there and beds unmade

The above are just some of the more secretive spaces you can check out in London. Another example of a provider of secret spaces is Removals London – why? Because they are offering exclusive storage London space for your belongings on the city too: whether you are visiting or moving! Make a ‘hidden gem’ of our items, by ensuring they are safe and most efficiently arranged. For more information you can visit their website.

Time to get planning for your Christmas crafts!

Now summer is over, thoughts are turning to planning for Christmas! It may seem premature, but if you are looking for the ultimate gift solution and project all in one, then taking up crafting is a great prospect.

Sew your own!

Every year people seek to decorate their house and show their affection to others through trinkets and gifts. Commonly-bought items include decorations to hang around the home, novelty jumpers and tree decorations. Yet rather than be part of rush and push of buying these items – there is a creative solution – make them!

Christmas crafts are set to be big this year – especially because of the previous popularity of The Great British Sewing Bee and also Kirstie Allsopp’s crafting programmes and books. With some good Christmas fabric and a determination to make something great, you can be well on the way!  There are many instructional videos on YouTube and online which may inspire you to make a particular product. They are also a great source of teaching you technique in an easy-to-understand way.

Some ideas to get you going

Christmas fabric

But if you are super-keen, why not consider planning one of these following projects? After all, taking up a crafting creation for Christmas provides an ideal method to occupy those darkening nights:

  • Sew your own stockings – you can use decorative fabric for the sock, and then perhaps embellish with sequins for a great novelty effect. These will look brilliant and traditional when assembled on a fireplace or near the Christmas tree
  • Christmas teddy bear – there are many templates and even beginner kits available for making a basic teddy bear. Then you can carry on the festive spirit and sew on some seasonal extras, such as a holly necklace, for example