Plan for your move for in the New Year…. and make it the fastest ever!

A New Year signals a great chance for new beginnings – so if you are in a position where you’re ready to move, making plans for early in January is a wise choice. Some people might worry that it is too soon after Christmas, and that they may not have the funds they need. Yet an important thing to remember is that the beginning of any year tends to be the cheapest time, with post-Christmas sales and many businesses eager to take on new customers and start the year in good stead.

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Why moving early in the year is a top option

1)      You can look forward to summer – the months of January and February especially are typically associated with cold and unpleasant weather, so you can use this time to concentrate on moving, rather than compromising your time in the summer!

2)      A post-Christmas de-clutter- the bustle of Christmas provides an opportunity for you to see your belongings on display and then de-clutter them accordingly. You may be able to utilise some gifts you have received into the decoration of your new home; therefore saving money

3)      Workplace inspiration – a number of offices also choose to relocate in the New Year. It allows for fresh beginnings and gives workers the opportunity to start from scratch in assembling something positive

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Therefore, it could be seen that there is plenty of opportunity to make a move sooner rather than later.