Be part of the great fireplace revival

 Fireplaces were perhaps once seen as   a thing of the past – a feature of old interiors lacking relevance to the modern day. Well, that is certainly no longer the case, as set to be big this 2016 are feature fireplaces! They can make a powerful addition to any room whether you are looking for a thing of beauty or a source of heat. They are a multi-purpose and often majestic installation, and here are some interesting reasons why having a fireplace fitted could significantly boost your home this year:

Why fireplaces are so hot… in more ways than one!

  • A celebrity feature – many famous faces are opting for feature fireplaces in their homes, especially because there have been so many on the TV and across the media recently. Take the inspiration of period dramas, for example, such as Downtown Abbey and War  and Peace, which showed fine fireplaces galore
  • A great source of heat – having a fireplace can bring an alternate source of warmth into a home; particularly ideal for keeping cosy around. Whether you live alone or as part of family, the heat of fireplace offers a great communal space too!
  • An attractive appearance – fireplaces can have a number of aesthetic features which make them especially stunning in your home. Designs area available which incorporate materials as diverse as metal and glass along with tiles and trimmings. You really can get an installation which suits your style preferences

Ready to help you

Victorian fireplaces London

If you are looking for a feature fireplace to enhance your home, then Stonewoods may be able to help you. They are experts in the provision of Victorian fireplaces in London, as well as wide range of other designs, including reproductions. For more information you can visit their website:

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