Handmade Homes- 5 Beautiful Accessories for You to Make

People can spend extortionate amounts of time searching for the perfect accessories for their homes. It’s one time you really don’t want to settle for an ‘it will do’ item, something slightly of colour, or not quite the right size or style. Accessories like cushions, rugs and throws can make or break a home by either making them a cosy haven or quite the opposite looking cluttered and mismatched.

Years ago, making your own furnishing would have been the most common way to decorate your home, now we run to shops before we even consider it. Homemade accessories can give you home a very cosy fell and gives you a real sense of satisfaction when you know you did it all yourself. If that’s not enough, it costs you a fraction of the price too, by getting your creative hands on some cheap fabric you can create almost anything your heart desires!

Possibly the most common things to make would be cushion covers or a cute little throw for your bed or sofa but when it comes to thinking of something different to make all your friends jealous and asking where you got it from, what exactly can you make?


Here’s a few of our favourites:


  • Door stops

One of the favourites, especially in winter to stop cold air travelling under the door. Door stops gives your home such a cosy feeling and so easy to make.

What do you need

-Fabric of your choice, could be more than one style to create a patchwork effect.

-Rice/sand or anything you prefer to weight the material down.

-Thread to stitch everything together.

  • Fabric decoupage letters

Many people use little letters spelling out words such as ‘LOVE’ or ‘HOME’ on things such as sets of drawers or fireplaces. Often just plain letters personalise these by using pretty patterned fabrics wrapped around each letter.

What you need

-Fabric, again you can use the same of you could choose different fabrics that follow the same colour scheme.

-Strong glue to stick fabric to letters.

  • Memory boxes

Memory boxes are very popular for people that may have children or maybe a passed relative, they can contain photos or other sentimental objects like jewellery that you want to keep safe.

Covering a plain little box with fabric can turn an ordinary memory box into something a little bit special.

What do you need

-Box of your chosen size.

-Fabric, measured out to ensure it will cover entire box.

-Glue to attach fabric to box.

  • Old suitcase for storage or pet bed

Have an old hard/plastic suitcase? Don’t throw it away. Covering the suitcase in a pretty fabric can create beautiful storage space for your home. Place it at the end of your bed maybe, the choice is yours. *note- if you are extra creative and have pets you can even create cute beds for your furry friends by putting a cushion inside the suitcase*

What do you need

-Old plastic suitcase (you can either remove the lid or keep it. We recommend removing if creating a bed for your pet).

-Fabric to cover.

-Glue to stick fabric to case.

-Cushion if you are creating a bed.

  • Hanging scented hearts

Nothing is more relaxing than the smell of lavender drifting round your home. Creating little fabric hearts filled with a lavender scent to hang round your home are simply stunning.

What you need

-Fabric of your choice.

-Thread to stitch fabric together.

-Dried lavender (can be bought online).

-Rope to Create little handle to hang up.

If any of these caught your attention find a tutorial online and get making!

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