Some hidden gems you can visit in London!

With London being such a big and bustling capital city, it can seem that everywhere is over-attended and most definitely busy! There are so many things to see and do – which typically involve following the tourist trails and what quickly becomes a space of ‘seeing the sights’. Yet all it takes is perhaps a little step off the beaten track and some inside-knowledge to discover some less-frequented places in the city which still have the power to amaze.

Take inspiration from some of our suggestions and perhaps find a hideaway to bring a bit of breathing-space! Whether you are curious student, adventurous visitor or commuter looking for a bit of something different, there is plenty to choose from:

1)      Wilton’s Music Hall – located in Tower Hamlets, this is a traditional Victorian music hall which has been recently restored to how it would have looked in the grand old days. It boasts a beautiful Mahogany Bar where you can sit and drink in relative peace, and there are options to explore the venue too!

2)      Postman’s Park – not far from the site of the old General Post Office, the park acquired its name because it was a popular lunch venue for workers there. You can find the Watts memorial located the and it is notable as a setting in the 2004 Closer, starring Jude Law

3)      Little Venice – not far from Camden and Regents Park, this area of London boasts beautiful little waterside eating-houses and shops along the water

4)      The house of Dennis Severs – it is here visitors can completely immerse themselves in a 18th century London home, left completely as it would have been at the time – including uneaten food still there and beds unmade

The above are just some of the more secretive spaces you can check out in London. Another example of a provider of secret spaces is Removals London – why? Because they are offering exclusive storage London space for your belongings on the city too: whether you are visiting or moving! Make a ‘hidden gem’ of our items, by ensuring they are safe and most efficiently arranged. For more information you can visit their website.

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