Stone is the way to go this season

Summer is certainly here, with rising temperatures and light nights meaning all-the-more opportunity to spend time outdoors. This may cause you to think more about your garden space. Is it versatile? Is it is as easy to maintain as it could be?  After all, you deserve a garden – large or small – which has strong visual impact and is composed of quality.

However, many people dread the prospect of a large lawn. Especially when it is summer, a grassed space requires moving and maintenance which can be time consuming.  A lawn also can cause mess due to dirt and grass stains. Yet 2015 has seen garden landscaping move significantly in the direction of stone solutions – both to add versatility to gardens with a lawn, and in some cases, replace the grass all together.

Natural stone paving looks great

Natural stone paving

When you opt for stone paving, you can add elegance and distinct charm to an outdoor space. Stone allows a firm foundation for other garden equipment, such as for putting up benches and lining with pots.

Furthermore, it can be incorporated into a variety of designs which can add diversity to your outdoor space. This may include a patio, stone steps or even walls and ledges. Not only does stone look good, but it can add value to your house – as gardens incorporating stone are so very popular right now.

Consider your options:

  • Sandstone – brings a beautiful buff colour and attractive, non-slip surface
  • Limestone – a classically stunning stone, available in a variety of shades
  • Yorkstone – a locally-obtained British stone, known for its quality and versatility

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